Your carriage awaits for a loved ones ashes to embark on a final farewell dream flight and place that final tick on lifes great bucket list along with a goodbye which can make it a unique, fulfilling, extremely memorable and most importantly joyous celebration of life. Filmed and tailored with music of your choice for a beautiful keepsake memento that will be with you and your family for ever.


A unique way to send a fisherman on his farewell flight is to fly low up the river they loved fishing or a favourite salmon leap flying in and out of fellow fisherman on the river then scattering over a favourite pool or waterfall along with elevated footage from above and views from around, maybe getting friends and family to be actors in your very own produced farewell and scatter film.


What better than an aerial flight over sailboats on waterways often frequented by your loved one giving them that last flight over a place they loved to spend time.


Starting at the foot of a favourite climbing pitch Good by from the Sky can use its specially designed drone to take the ashes up a rock face, maybe even next to a fellow climber they used to climb with making his or her friends and family actors in there last climb movie all the way to the top then an aerial flight high up to capture the beauty and panoramic views before a scattering.


A group of friends could go on a short bike ride with their friend flying along side above around and in amongst the bikes then up to an elevated position to capture the panoramic views then back down to maybe a bikers bar for a toast and then scattered nearby.

Perfect For Your Loved One

Our farewell flights can be tailored to almost any area you choose and can be flown to your very own selected flight path, making you the producer of your loved ones final flight in this world and have it documented to watch whenever you want with family and friends or just as a gentle reminder to help with the grieving process.

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