Royal Air Force WW2 Pilot.

Combined Armed Services.

We helped an elderly lady with her late husband who served during the war with the RAF and thought that we would give the armed forces its very own special page as we have had a lot of interest from families around the country who wish to use GBFTS to scatter ashes of a loved one in some areas that hold close to the armed forces, some of which are international.We believe this will help in the grieving process by having the footage of the day and the memory box which we believe is a fantastic way of remembrance to soldiers who have fallen, from the second world war to more recent conflicts.

Military Video

"I always wanted my late husband’s ashes scattered over the White Cliffs of Dover but letting go of his ashes felt so final. I approached Goodbye from the Sky who said they could film the scattering for me in such a way that I had a lasting memory for years and for generations to come.  My husband was in the RAF during WW2 and our two grandsons are serving members in the Armed Forces, and a short film with an RAF based theme was suggested. I left it with Goodbye from the Sky and less than a week later I was contacted by the team explaining how they can make my wish come true!  On the day we witnessed the beautiful site of my beloved's ashes being released from high above the cliffs into the sea.  We received the video which included spitfires flying over the white cliffs with the scattering of my husband’s ashes edited into the video and it included images of Royal Marines and Royal Navy which I asked for. I now have a keepsake that I can watch whenever I feel nostalgic and I feel I gave my husband a fitting hero's farewell that made all who knew him feel very proud".

Perfect For Your Loved One

Our farewell flights can be tailored to almost any area you choose and can be flown to your very own selected flight path, making you the producer of your loved ones final flight in this world and have it documented to watch whenever you want with family and friends or just as a gentle reminder to help with the grieving process.

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